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CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Replication Services

Disc Replication
Disc Replication: Replication only starts to make sense on runs of 500+ discs. You also need to allow 7-10 days for production. This is why Handisc offers both a Replication & Duplication Service. So no matter what your job size or timescale is, we will have a solution for you. Replication involves making a Glass master from your original disc and then the copies are stamped out from this master during the physical creation of the discs. This gives you retail quality discs and very low costs for large runs.
  • You provide us with your master content & artwork if you have any
  • The master is virus screened & tested to make sure there are no errors in the disc or data.
  • Artwork will be PDF Proofed for your approval
  • A Glass master is then made which is used to make the stampers
  • Your discs are then pressed from these stampers
  • The discs are then Litho or Silk Screen Printed before being packed
  • This is a 7 - 10 day process. If you need it quicker then look at Duplication
What disc formats do we Replicate?

CD / DVD / DVD DL / Blu-Ray / 8CM CD & 8CM DVD

  • Litho
  • Silk Screen
Packaging Options:

We can print inserts, wallets, cases and have them all packed and wrapped. There are too many packaging options to list here but contact us and we'll be able to talk through you needs. We are also able to produce bespoke packaging should you need this.

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