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Microtech Xpress Range

The Microtech Xpress Range has everything you need for disc duplication and printing. Whether it's that 10 disc presentation once a week or 24/7 high volume disc production we can build a Microtech Xpress system for you. The Microtech Xpress Range has everything covered and with our un-beatable support packages there is no better disc duplication solution available.
Microtech Xpress XE with Xstreamjet Microtech Xpress XP Microtech Xpress XL DiscSprinter 300
Key Features
  • From 2 to 12 recorders with a choice of Blu-Ray, Wii RVT or WIi-U if needed
  • A choice of Inkjet, Black Thermal or Full Colour Thermal Printers
  • CD, DVD, DVD+DL as Standard. Blu-Ray and Wii-U Recorders Available
  • Customisable API - Link into your existing frontend. EG. Online ordering process, database, Intranet..........and so on
  • Modular Robotics - Hot swapable making down time for the Microtech a thing of the past
  • Data Fingerprinting, Serialisation, Disc Spanning, Merging, Barcoding

For more information on the Microtech Xpress Range please contact us on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk


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