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Hard Disk Drive Duplication Services

hard drive copying
Handisc now offers a hard disk drive duplication service. It doesn't matter if they are internal, external, IDE, SATA, USB 2.0 & USB 3.0. We can copy them all and because we copy "bit for bit" there is no risk or data loss or change.

How the duplication process works

  • You provide us with your master hard drive
  • The master is virus screened & tested to make sure there are no errors in the disc or data.
  • Then the master is duplicated "bit for bit" to guarantee the information is the same on the copies
  • The copies are then packed back into their anti-static bags

IDE / SATA / USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 / 3.5" & 2.5" / Solid State

  • Data Verification & Smart Verification
  • Bit for Bit Duplication only
  • Supply us the hard disks or we can supply you

Who would use our Hard Disk Drive Duplication / Copying Service?

PC Builders - If you need lots of PC's with the same data on each hard disk then prepare a master hard drive and then have it copied. Once you fit the copied hard drives you would just need to activate / register any software to make it unique to that PC and you're done.

Audio / Video Catalogue or Databases - Due to the file size and need to update these means that supplying on hard drive is convenient and relatively low cost. Lots of editing suites don't have internet access due to virus and security issues so connecting a external USB hard disk solves these issues.

Anyone with large amounts of data - If you need to move, backup or duplicate large amounts of data then hard drives are a great option. More cost effective than Blu-Ray or Dual Layer DVD and more accessible.

NEW! - www.harddrivecopy.co.uk - All new hard drive duplication website now online.

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