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Microboards HCL-8000

Key Features
Disc Capacity
1000 (depending on media type)
Disc Formats Supported
Optional Disc Formats
Hard Drive
250 GB
Other Key Features
LCD Display Screen
Removable Spindles
32 Users (standard) or 64 users (premium)
Standalone (No PC or Network)
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Simply the best solution for unattended disc duplication runs!

The Microboards HCL-8000 Autoloader. Capacity, reliability and throughput in a record only duplication solution with the ability to queue multiple masters. 8 recorders allow the Microboards HCL-8000 Autoloader record 40 to 72 DVDs and 56 to 104 CDs per hour! The Microboards HCL Autoloader is a self contained unit with no external PC or mess of wires to attached, simply plug the unit in and start duplicating!

When you need to burn a lot of CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray and using a push button duplicator tower isn’t feasible, the Microboards HCL Autoloader is the simple choice.

With 8 drive recorders and a staggering 1,000 disc capacity, the HCL-8000 has the ability to handle any job big or small.  Innovative solutions to industry problems are found throughout the HCL-8000 Autoloader including a disc counter that tracks the number of good discs completed per job so you know exactly how many discs are actually complete. Just because you can’t keep loading additional jobs when the last one finishes doesn’t mean the Microboards HCL Autoloader should stop working. Store and queue multiple jobs for  uninterrupted disc production.  Don’t let a bad batch of discs slow down your production. A sticky disc separator option provides an added layer of insurance by helping separate sticking discs, which normally is a fatal error for automated production systems

Handisc offer a range of support levels to ensure peace of mind. The HCL-8000 comes with 1 years Back to Base warranty but this can be extended if needed. We can also support or repair a system that wasn't supplied by Handisc.


For more information on the HCL-8000 please contact us on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk


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