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Microtech X3

X3 DiscSprinter 300
X3 Features
Disc Capacity
300 or 4 x 100 via mail slot (Mixed Media)
Disc Formats Supported
Optional Disc Formats
One of the following
Xpression - Black Thermal
Teac P55 - Full Colour Thermal
Modular (Hot Swap)
Embedded (Windows 7, 100/1000)
Other Key Features
Customisable API & Unlimited Job Queue
Fingerprinting, Serialisation & Disc Spanning
Installation and Training Included
Onsite Service & Support Options Available
Optional Extras
ImageAligner (Alignment tool for over printing)
MyDisc Enterprise (Network Control Software)

The Microtech X3 is designed for high Quality CD, DVD, DL DVD & Blu-Ray production. With it's three recorders and high quality Teac, colour thermal printer, the Microtech X3 is a must have when it comes to high quality, professional disc publishing. 300 Disc capacity of 1 media type or 4 x 100 input using mixed media and output to the mail slot.

The complete Microtech Xpress Range also has a Customisable API as standard. This allows you to integrate the Microtech Xpress and X3 into an existing online ordering systems or front end of your choice. With the detailed logs, real time feedback and email reporting you will always know exactly what stage your job is at. This is both file based or XML.

Here are a few features that help separate the Microtech X3 from the rest:

Fingerprinting - The Microtech X3 comes standard with the ability to fingerprint data on single track ISO 9660 discs. This means that most CD, DVD, DVD+DL and Blu-ray data discs can be fingerprinted and tracked in some way. There is no additional cost or price per disc with this feature. Once you own a Microtech Xpress you can fingerprint everything if you want.

Serialisation - The Xpress also comes standard with the ability to link merge files and import system data such as time, date, drive recorded and so on. This feature is great if you need to print unique serial numbers, address data or anything that perhaps changes disc to disc. People often print serial numbers in the form or barcodes meaning discs can be scanned in and out of offices or mastering labs.

Disc Spanning - Disc Spanning has been designed to allow back up hard drives, flash memory or storage servers without changing or compressing the data. This is ideal for archive, forensic back up or data conversion.

For example - Connect a external 1TB USB 2.0 hard drive to your Microtech X3 and select all of the data in the MyDisc pre-mastering software. The files will then be split across your desired format of disc in whichever order you choose (Date, Alphabetically......) and then recorded to disc. Each disc will have a table of contents file added to it's root which tells you which files are on which disc. You can also print onto the surface the disc and set number (E.G. - 1 of 10) and this is completely automated.


Handisc offer a range of support levels to ensure peace of mind. The Microtech X3 comes with 1 years Back to Base warranty but this can be upgraded to a onsite agreement if needed. These can run up to 5 years. We can also support or repair a system that wasn't supplied by Handisc.


Microtech Xpression Printer

Teac P55C or K2 Printer

Microtech Xpression Printer - Black Thermal Disc Printing
Teac P55C (K2) Printer - Colour Thermal Disc Printing

For more information on the Microtech Xpress Range please contact us on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk


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