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Trade in! Trade Up!


When you duplicate CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs in-house there are four things you need to make sure of:

1. Your discs are produced to the highest quality

2. You record reliably at the highest speeds

3. Your duplicator runs as efficiently as possible

4. It's cost effective

We understand that you try to get the most out of your old duplicators by running them until they run no more but is this always the right thing to do? For example - Quite often recorders don't just fail they progressively get worse. The problem with this is unless you have a disc analyser to test the quality of your output you could well be sending out poor quality discs. This will have an effect on the playback.

We want to offer you the chance to make that old duplicator worth something again. It doesn't matter about the age or quality of the duplicator. We will be able to offer you a great trade in discount against your new system.

How the Trade in works

Contact us with the details of your current duplicator.

Once we have worked out which new duplicator would be best for you we will then give you a discounted price on your new duplicator.

When you take delivery of your new system we will take the old system and will dispose of it correctly.

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Trade In Example

Trade any duplicator in against the

Microtech Xpress XL

and receive up to £2500 discount.

Call us now on 01264 335118 or Email info@handisc.co.uk to find out more
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Epson Discproducer PP-100Microtech Xpress XPUSB Tower Copier





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