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Intimus 9000 Hard Drive Degausser

Intimus Degausser 9000
Key Features
Capacitive Discharge
Max Media Size
117 x 114 x 42
Power usage charging
7,0 KW
Power usage standby
0,2 KW
Power usage erase
Erasing time first HDD
12 seconds
Weight gross
35 KG
2 Year Warranty included
31 cm
58 cm
48 cm
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intimus degaussers rely on APT (Advanced Pulse TechnologyTM). During the erase an effective quick burst generates a strong and powerful pulse. This results in 90% lower energy consumption compared to other models. At the same time they produce an erasing field many times stronger than those produced by the read/write heads in hard drives and tape drives.

The field strength of an intimus degausser destroys the magnetic structure and ensures that the data are no longer recoverable by computer or laboratory attacks. Since the technology does not rely on software, it will also completely and permanently erase failed and damaged hard drives regardless of the operating system or interface. Built-in safeguards check the stored power before each erase cycle, ensuring complete erasure every time. A field strength meter, audible tones and lighted push buttons report the status of the degausser to the user.

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