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Talking Newspapers, Books & Magazines

Here at Handisc we have been working with many companies & charities over the years to produce Talking Audio Books, Newspapers & Magazines. This area of our site is designed to help advise on specific duplication equipment, Blank Discs, USB Keys and Accessories relating to Talking Book production that we know are tried and tested. Please contact us on 01264 335118 or info@handisc.co.uk for more info or to talk through your ideas.

Also, why not check out our Calibre Audio Library Case Study and see how we continue to help them produce Audio Books for all of their Members. .Calibre Audio Case Study

Blank Media
Duplicators & Erasers
Packaging & Accessories
Twister USB Key
USB Key Duplicator
Talking Book Accessories
  • Blank CD / DVD Discs
  • Branded CD / DVD Discs
  • Blank USB Keys
  • Branded USB Keys


  • Plastic / Card Wallets
  • Postal Bags for Discs
  • USB Key Tins / Cases
  • CD / DVD Cases
Download our Talking Newspaper USB Key & CD/DVD Production Guides. This is a great place to start when thinking about producing Newspapers or Audio Books onto USB Key or Disc.
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