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Microtech Xpress Wii PS3 Xbox 306 Duplicator

No matter what console you're developing for or how many discs, hard drives or flash memory you need to produce, we have a system for you.

There are many different solutions for the games industry. Some are just after DVD & Blu-Ray towers. Others need mass production with print, barcoding, serialisation and finger printing. Most tend to fall in the middle of that.

The best thing about our range is that there will be a system for you no matter what you're trying to produce. Here we are going to give an overview of a few systems to help get you started including the

Disc Formats Supported : CD / DVD / DVD+DL / Blu-Ray / Blu-Ray DL / Wii-U

Key Features:

  • Printing - Print Directly onto each disc produced
  • Barcoding / QR Code - Scan your discs in & out
  • Serialisation - Unique Serial Number Printing on each disc
  • Fingerprinting - Embedded, Unique, Data Fingerprint
  • Logging / Tracking - Full System Logs
  • Customisable API - Intergrate into your Frontend
  • Modular Robitics & Printer - Hotswap for minimal down time
USB & Flash Copiers - USB Systems
USB M6300 & Blu-Ray Tower
  • Copy USB Keys, SD Cards, Internal & External Hard Drives
  • Track Cards using unique Serial Numbers
  • Copy up to 40 cards at once
  • Network Connectivity if needed
  • Bit for Bit duplication
  • USB 3.0 & USB 2.0 Duplication
CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Towers - Towers
  • Master to 1 recorder up to master to 10 recorders
  • Standalone
  • PC Connect Multi Writer Version
We understand how important your data is. That's why we have helped & advised many developers on procedures and processes to improve data security. Why not embed a unique finger print on each disc. Barcode your disc so each one can be scanned in and out of your Mastering Lab giving you traceability at all times. For more information on the example systems above, to see our full range, book a demonstration or to find out what we can offer for you.

For more information on the Da Vinci Printer please contact us on 01264 335118 or email info@handisc.co.uk


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