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Secure Disc & Paper Shredders - CRYPTO


Secure Shredders for CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and Paper

A range of highly functional, reliable and technically advanced Shredders, for people who need peace of mind when destroying data

Disposing of data,  be it either on disc or on paper, is a daily requirement for any business.  It’s important to dispose of data, regardless of how sensitive it is, in a secure and timely manner.  Here at Handisc, we offer a wide range of disc and paper shredders suitable for both an office and production environment.  Below is a snap shot of our range of shredders, of various sizes and security levels. 

Shredder Blades

Data shredders are distinguished by their feed characteristics and by the geometry of their cutting cylinders. Both of these factors are absolutely essential for good performance. At the heart of a high security cutting block, the cutting cylinders interact with other high precision components and represent the basic core of the data shredder. Each cutting cylinder is equipped with hundreds of precision-ground special cutters. A shredder with a High Security cutting system shreds a single sheet of A4 format paper into nearly 6,500 pieces

If your data destruction requirements are quite low, then Handisc offers a destruction service.  We welcome you to accompany your data (be it paper or disc) and watch your data being destroyed.  

Not sure which solution is best for you or your company?  Call or email our Shredding Support Team on 01264 335118 or info@handisc.co.uk who will help you choose the right solution.

If you have Hard Disk Drives or would prefer an alternative to disc shredding, why not take a look at our range of Degaussers, Disc Grinders and Hard Drive Disintegrators

Intimus Disc Shredder 45

Intimus Disc Shredder 60

Intimus Disc Shredder 90
Intimus 120
Intimus 175
Intimus 007
Intumus Shredder 120
Intumus Disc Shredder 175
Intimus Disc Shredder 007
Disc Printing
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